Santa Cruz County Community Coalition to Overcome Racism

Mission Statement

 The Santa Cruz County Community Coalition to Overcome (SCCCCOR) seeks to address structural racism as a root cause of racial disproportionality and disparity within public institutions in Santa Cruz County in order that all people will receive equal treatment, including vulnerable children. Rather than providing temporary corrective solutions through direct services, we work towards systemic transformation so that those who are vulnerable will not face racism in their lives and thereby have few obstacles to successful lives.

Our Strategies:

* System mapping, data collection & analysis, planning & accountability

* Forming relationships with community stakeholders, institutions, families and youth

* Taping into the knowledge of experts in Juvenile Justice Reform, for example, the W. Haywood Burns Institute & the Annie E. Casey Foundation

* Educating and engaging the community on local issues impacting our youth, that act as barriers to successful healthy development

* Participating in local collaborative efforts: BASTA (Broad-based Apprehension, Suppression, Treatment, Alternatives), Youth Violence Prevention Taskforce, Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention Commission, and more

2014 Priority Issues

* Direct files

* School Disciplinary Policies

* Gang Policies


*Participation in collaborative tables addressing issues impacting youth

*Community Education & Engagement Nights: ‘History of Juvenile Justice Reform’ & ‘Trying Youth as Adults’